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Turku Summer University

Turku Summer University follows the continuously changing coronavirus situation and the authorities’ instructions.

See the courses’ web pages for further info about contact/online teaching. Safety distances are maintained during contact teaching. If needed, teaching will be conducted online (i.e. switching to online teaching during the courses is possible).

When attending our contact teaching courses, please take care of safe distances, your hand hygiene and cough/sneeze in the correct manner. We recommend using face masks. The use of Koronavilkku app is also recommended. Do not come to class if you have symptoms of a cold, influenza, or other infectious disease.

The current coronavirus situation in Finland is continuously monitored and updated on website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. If you develop influenza-like symptoms and respiratory problems during your stay in Finland, please follow THL’s guidelines.

Turku Summer University – Further education since 1936.

Turku Summer University is one of 20 Summer Universities in Finland. The Summer Universities offer open university studies from universities across Finland as well as in-service training and versatile recreational studies. The goal of the Summer Universities is to support students’ needs in the life-long learning process. Despite the name, the Summer Universities operate all year-round. Our courses are open to everyone regardless of age, previous education, or study rights at any educational institution. The Summer Universities have over 20 years of experience in organising Finnish language and culture courses.

Finnish for Foreigners at Turku Summer University

Turku Summer University organises Finnish language courses for foreigners throughout the year enabling students to study the whole year without a pause. The course selection includes courses suitable for beginners as well as for more advanced students. You can find all of our current Finnish courses here.

The table below presents our Finnish course curriculum. The skill levels are set according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR). In case you are uncertain which course to choose, please contact our office so that we can help you to find the course that suits you the best.

Finnish for Beginners 1 – Suomen kielen alkeet 1 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Continuation Course in Finnish 1 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Suomea edistyneille 1 – Advanced Finnish 1 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Suomen syventävä kurssi 1 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)
Finnish for Beginners 2 – Suomen kielen alkeet 2 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Continuation Course in Finnish 2 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Suomea edistyneille 2 – Advanced Finnish 2 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Suomen syventävä kurssi 2 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)
Finnish for Beginners 3 – Suomen kielen alkeet 3 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Continuation Course in Finnish 3 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Suomea edistyneille 3 – Advanced Finnish 3 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)Suomen syventävä kurssi 3 (30 lessons, 2 ECTS)

Facebook group

We’d also like to offer you a chance to learn Finnish on Facebook. Join our Facebook group Turun kesäyliopisto – Finnish for Foreigners  You can discuss with others, share your experiences and thoughts about the Finnish language and culture and comment on our posts. Join the group now and practice your writing skills.


If you find later that you cannot participate in the course, we kindly ask you to cancel your enrolment without delay! You can cancel your enrolment by e-mail (kesayliopisto(at)  Please note that in case the cancellation is submitted later than two weeks before the course starts, or the cancellation is not submitted at all and the student will not attend the classes, the course fee will be charged in full.


We will send you the invoice by e-mail about a week prior to the start of the course. Please note that Turku Summer University does not accept cash payments.


Student discounts are granted on Turku University’s Open University courses (including language courses). You are entitled to student price if you are a registered degree student in a Finnish university or a university of applied sciences, or a student in general upper secondary school or upper comprehensive school. Student discounts are marked separately on our registration form (Student price).


Turku Summer University does not offer accommodation. If you are an exchange student or a degree student, you may be in contact with TYS about housing options: 


Turku Summer University cannot grant you admission letters or other proof of enrolment to help you with visa/student residence permit applications, since our courses are part-time and non-degree studies.


Address  Turku Summer University, Sirkkalankatu 4, FIN-20520 Turku, Finland
Email  kesayliopisto(at)
Tel.  +358 2 232 3302

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Summer University in Brief

The Summer University Network in Finland is a unique educational structure, facilitating many features of modern lean organisation. Every year nearly 65000 students attend summer university courses which are open to everyone regardless of age or prior education.

Summer Universities give an opportunity for both personal and professional development. They operate in tight contact and permanent collaboration with Finnish universities. The language of instruction is mainly Finnish but some courses are taught in English. Among our non-finnish speaking students the most popular courses are on Finnish language and culture.

Updated 11/2020